Wayne and Marilyn in Cuba Dec 16, 2014 to March 9, 2015


Amada's Birthday Cake

Roast Pig Arrives in the sidecar

Amada Removes the Banana Leaf Wraps

Amada's Brother Jorge (George) came from Mexico for the birthday bash

Fifty people had cake and there was left overs.


Amada entertains Local Police Who Were Out Patrolling On New Year's Eve

She explains why the Police arrived on El Dia de los Santos Inocentes or “Holy Innocents' Day” (December 28, when one of her

telephone pranks went a bit too far. (Similar to April Fools Day)


First Quarter of Cuban Moon


Almost Full Moon.  Craters Visible


Farmer Delivering Produce


Sweet Water Delivery Truck


Ocean Views

Busy Warm Domingo (Sunday) Crowd

Cuban Military Ship?

Buzzards cleaning up the beach

Underwater shots of shallow coral (brain coral on left) Black spiny urchins in abundance.

Sea Grass where fish hide and eat


Fish hide in holes in the coral

Most dangerous animals on this beach

Pavel Danilo Llanes Ramirez back from spear fishing

On the way to the Policlinico with Doctor Pancho (Dr. Francisco Felipe Hernández Gárciga).

One of the nurses introduces herself as "Chocolada"

All smiles at receiving medical supplies from Picture Butte Dr Mohamed and antibiotics from Pharmacist Phil Mack

The Policlinico is open 24-7

Sumptuous supper with Dr. Pancho, wife Marie, daughter Betty and neighbour who supplied the turkey that tasted like beef.

Okay Marilyn, which domino are you going to play?

Betty at the reservoir.  Kids use the abandoned house for a diving platform.

Too rocky to grow a garden behind the house.

Makin' bacon.

Dr. Pancho tends the BBQ

Betty relaxing after a long week at school of hairdressing.

Marie picks sour oranges.  Saprophytic orchid grows up the orange tree.

Marie's son Jorge trying out the rake.

Marie in sepia

Nestor Aranguren Martinez Esquela (school) with 450 students. 

School Director receives thermometers from Picture Butte, Alberta Pharmacist Phil Mack

School Art

Marilyn Birthday Bash, Little Delilah is Pancho and Marie's grand daughter.  Don't cry Wacky (Walquillia).
Wacky looks after all of Amada's needs and is usually laughing up a storm.

Jousimi and Policia Esposa (Husband) 

Wayne heading out for his daily bike hike to The Brisas del Mar

SEPSA headquarters (Security for banks, etc)  Roof blew off in a mini cyclone.  From our

Casa 4 blocks away, roof metal could be seen circling around like buzzards.

Chinese built hyhoe loading on flat deck.

Chinese Built Cat described on company website in Chinglish:

SD7 bulldozer is 230 horsepower track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, power shift drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic controls.
SD7-230 horsepower, elevated sprocket bulldozer integrate with modular design is easy to repair & maintenance, It relieves oil with difference pressure, the hydraulic system performs protecting environment and save energy with high working efficiency. Safety comfortable operation condition, electric monitoring and ROPS cabin with reliable entire quality, excellent service is your wise choosing.
It can be equipped with straight tilting blade, angle blade, coal pushing blade, U shape blade; single shank ripper, three shanks ripper; ROPS, FOPS, forest defence cabin etc.. It is can ideal machine used in communication, oil field, power, mining etc. large earth moving program.

More broken concrete and rebar from houses demolished close to the ocean.  (note shadow of amateur photographer)

Multi apartment casa at the Brisas.

Long ago paved streets and sidewalks in the Brisas, never fully developed.  Cactus hedge fences are common.

Bus stop at Pinas Altas.  The covered truck is a privately owned bus.



Portable Welding Rig repairing metal security gates and window grates.  Much rusting due to ocean 150 feet away.

Father and son working together

Loro, the talking parrot

Our Cuban/Canadian friend Mariela Amaya came to visit on International Women's day

Gaviota looks like a stealth fighter and flys like one too.

Our dentist comes to visit.

Havana family out for a sunday beach walk

Angel sports a new license plate in his bici-taxi.  He is working on making a motor mount to make life easier.

Hard working wheel barrow man looks on.

Angel in sepia

Marie checks out Juan Carlos' new boots.  They are picking up branches, coco nuts, palm leaves, etc.

Local Tienda lady keeps busy with Sunday customers from the beach.


Killer Dog "Nino"


Fourteen chicks hatched, two survived the "cold" weather.

A plenty sun-burned Wayne got inflicted with a birthday bash whether he wanted it or not.  NOT!

Marie and daughter Betty with her boyfriend

Nevi does last pedicure for the trip.